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Do you do face-to-face consultations?


Of course we do! However, face-to-face consultations will be at an additional cost, our email consultations are free for all of our clients. You can tell us ideas you have and all the information we need over email but if you are wanting to meet up with us to discuss themes, ideas, and ask us questions, we can confirm all event details, see exactly what you want and dream of, and start working on it right away! 


     How much is a candy bar/dessert table?


We don't have set prices for our candy bars and dessert tables. We get all the information we need from you including, number of people, theme, ideas, and everything you are looking for so we can work on a quote for you. We then add on extras that you would like and/or take off things. Our quotes vary depending on different things, if you want something bigger and more, it will add on to the costs.


              Can you plan everything for my next event?


We definitely can! You won't have to worry about a thing. We can set-up your next event and get a quote together for you while keeping your budget in mind. We will go into your booked venue & set up the party, you won't have to worry or stress! Of course if you have a certain budget you can cut some things out but if you're wanting to make your next event big and unforgettable we will offer you extra services eg. props, cutouts, extra decorations, anything and everything you want and we think you would love! We love it when our clients leave their events in our hands and trust us with everything, our brains start exploding with so many ideas & we leave them wowed!


         Do you supply cakes & other desserts?

We offer catering services that include a variety of cocktail and bite sized portions of sweet and savoury foods. We can source quotes for cakes, biscuits, and other sweets from our suppliers and offer these to you in the packages we offer like  our candy bars, dessert tables, and overall events.


         Do you offer kids entertainment?

We offer disco parties, art parties, and other kids party services, just get in contact with us for more information. We can suggest our favourite face painter who we have as a partner.


            Can you work within my budget?

Yes we can. We will first work on a quote for you, including everything you have asked for and are wanting. You can then see if you want to take some things away to stay within your budget or add some things on. We can offer you extras and you can see if you would like to add any of them to your final quote. Of course if you don't have a budget and want us to create a big and unforgettable event that will leave you and your guests wowed... we can do it! We love it when our clients trust us to plan everything and make their event look amazing and don't have a budget to stick to, we go crazy with ideas and grow with excitement to leave you wowed! We always have your best interest in mind and only offer the best quality there is. We will have continuous contact with you through email to let you know how much everything is costing and if the costs are looking good for you!


         Do you do commercial work?

Of course we do. If you need us to style, design and set-up a dessert table, candy bar, or overall space we can do it! Be it either a magazine spread, photoshoot, tv segment, or any other commercial/media event styling & set-up. Get in contact with us with details and we can work from there.


         I haven't recieved an email back from you?

We email everyone back who contacts us through our website or directly. Don't think we have forgotten about you! It most probably ended up in your JUNK folder so be sure to check there. We'll be waiting to hear back from you!


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